Evolution of question(/project)

Since the beginning of this MA, my questions were always about :

–> What is memorable for people ?
–> How can we create a powerful mix between art and fashion ?
–> How can fashion become even more artsy than it is ?
–> How can you break the codes of advertising by mixing fashion and art ?
–> How can we make memorable advertising by creating an original world with fashion and art combined ?
–> How can creative management be the main asset for reinventing and producing more imaginative work in advertising ?
–> How art could help to manage creative thinking in advertising agencies in order to create memorable brand experiences ?
–> Can contemporary art help advertising to get more positive reflections and a better experience for consumers ?
–> How can we aid upcoming artists in gaining exposure by creating a platform that connects them with brands ?

–> How can the process of creative management develop a platform that combines artistic and brand identity ?

The changes – BrandTist

My Learnings from this result;

“Beauty will save the world,” said Fyodor Dostojevski, an illustrious Russian writer, in “The Idiot” (1868). Theologian, Serge Bulgakov, will add: “Art is an instrument”.

This connection was efficient because both parties benefit from this relationship. Art is a creator of meaning and, as a result, it gives brands a symbolic dimension.
Like with this example/intervention from Valentina Arno and Diana d’Orville.

Sometimes a vector of creativity, sometimes a tool of differentiation or an instrument of fusion, art is certainly, which makes it best, in our time, to endow the brands with additional originality. Why ? Quite simply, because art makes it possible to create a universe centered around the product, to make forget the commercial universe in which the brands evolve, by attributing to them an unquestionable singularity.

A bumble for ART

Today our attention is centred around an excellent visual presence in our customers’ store window displays, and also around PR, with a particular focus on newspaper and magazines.
Naturally communication in an integral part of any business plan and to this brands dedicate substantial time and attention.
And in a way art helps people not only to get to know and understand something with their minds but also to feel it emotionally and physically.

Brandtist could be a solution, a sort of bumble app for ART.
On Bumble one of the two side (the woman) has to make the first move to create an interaction, in that case it would be the fashion brands.
“Bumble’s value proposition and vision to empower women is evident throughout all of the company’s messaging, marketing efforts, and content. It’s a breath of fresh air and perfect example of a company standing behind it’s core beliefs.” Carissa Lintao,app strategist.
–> In my case/project : it would be to empower artists.

After some research, I found that WYDR had a bit the same idea. But not totally, the difference between this organization and mine is that their aim is to sell the art. Mine would be to create connections between artists and fashion brands(services) for any demand.

The main purposes would be:
– Like tinder/bumble, a Heart or a Cross (easy digital navigation)
– Put in relation agencies and artists directly with this platform
– To get to know artists (that aren’t very known)
– To give them chance to take part in some projects
– To make the first step easy in both ways

The cement of this relationship is creativity.


From : How can we aid upcoming artists in gaining exposure by creating a platform that connects them with brands?

Now : How can the process of creative management develop a platform that combines artistic and brand identity ?

– the sens of the project. My problematic isn’t about the consumers or artists anymore (their reflections/complex/self esteem/comparaisons,..) but now I’m focusing about the result, THE MIX that fashion and art create together.
How can we involve more art and create a better brand identity.

-I was getting in touch with any type of artists but mostly the well known ones (Kelly Maker, Ernesto Artillo,…). Now I’m also focusing on the ones who aren’t really known (that aren’t famous we could say).

-Helping those artists with a platform/community (BrandTist)

-For the brands : a good collaboration that isn’t worth the cost of a well known artist (Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst,…) but still… Amazing.


How can we combine advertising and art in order to create a new type of advertising reducing insecurities in people ?

Partnership between a brand + artist
The idea : A site (maybe also app) where you can see different works of artist and how they can design the world of brands in an artsy way, create sort of portofolios online, and then afterwards create adversting campaigns/ billboards/ movies/magazines/…
The artist can be a story teller and better tell the universe of something, of a brand.

Instead of having perfect photoshopped girls/boys, all fake, making people insecure, comparing their lifes,… This sort of advertising is polluting our streets and it’s making us think that we’re not good enough. For example, the perfect blond girl is wearing this t-shirt, but I have more shape than her, so it might not fit me (that’s what we think) but in the end everything is not real.

We always take ideas from the past.
So why don’t we go back to those artsy sketches ? (and adding even more art to it). I went to Yves Saint Laurent’s museum in Marrakech, Marroco and found it amazing, drawing on the walls. He’s first an artist than a designer we could say.
Artists are already been sollicited for the creations of clothes, partnerships,… So why not use their help for the communication/advertising as well ?


This art work is by Lauren Baker, which is part of Women Empowered exhibition at sketch.
It’s a black heart booming when someone approches it.
I keep on asking myself what makes my heart booming, what really interests me in my life. And after many years studying communication, I know that I love advertising and brand management. That’s what inspires me and what I’m good at.
So this 1st of August, I’m changing the subject of my project.

“Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times” Niccolò Dei Machiavelli

Summer 2018

During this study period, with the tutorials, but also with a lot of reflexion…

Our project can CHANGE.
I think that change is very important, because since the beginning of this course we are in different little projects, that define our journey.
Of course our sectors help us in the direction of our ideas but having a project that :
-Has to make a change in the society
-Is linked to what we like and are passionate about
-To get people involved into it
-To make it REAL

Can make us reflect day and day if we are on the right path.
BrandTist would be something I’m motivated about and personally, even with downs sometimes, I love the ups of it.