Cavolo -example

Ricardo Cavolo is the best example for COLLABORATION / CONNECTIONS. (my main focus)
Now on his personal website, the main page consists of two distinct universes : ART or BRAND.

Apart from illustration, Ricardo Cavolo is also a painter of murals, has collaborated with a number of brands and has designed various album covers. He is also the author of a graphic novel and a fantastic “Illustrated History of Music” in which he talks about the “100 artists he couldn’t live without”.


In June 2017, at Shanghai Fashion Week, Chinese designer brand Sankuanz invited Swiss artist duo Supermafia/Encor Studio and collaborated on a light installation performance which replaced the fashion show Sankuanz usually delivers in Paris.

As the crowd gathered in a circle surrounding a projector light, the show started. The light began to swing more dramatically, following greater intensity of the space-zoom sound, until it shot light beams at the audience from every conceivable angle. It was so bizarre – and so memorable.


This gallery is for upcoming artists to show their work, a partnership with galleries like this one could be a tool for my project.

”Sometimes the collaboration is no more than a marketing ploy,” observed Lisa Koenigsberg, the director of programs in the arts at the New York University school of continuing education. ”The idea is to make the consumer feel he is getting the enhanced value of a limited edition, like buying a print at the Pace gallery”

Art with Lee Bul

Today I went to see an art exhibition in Hayward Gallery.
The artist is Lee bul, and her attraction lies in her ability to bring together diverse themes, at once traditional, contemporary, provocative and timeless.
I got very inspired by this exhibition and especially about this art work Via Negativa II

Via Negativa II :
French philosopher Jacques Lacan once posited the idea that a paramount phase in human development involves the constant confrontation between the self and one’s own reflection. Known simply as the mirror stage, the symbolic experience finds its rooted in the creation of the self and in the formation of the ego; in the mirror, we are at once divided into self-conscious creatures, autonomous beings, and passive observers.
It is in this dialectic that Lee Bul finds the inspiration for Via Negativa II.

For Via Negativa II, Bul crafted an elaborate, immersive amalgamation of mirrors and metals at Lehmann Maupin which forces the viewer into direct conflict with her or his own perspectives, and echoes both the promises and fallibilities of technology. Perfect and imperfect, at once whole and fragmented, Bul hijacks the zeitgeist to create a sculptural commentary on technologies that are at once as objective as they are subjectively experienced.

The beginning of something new

Claudia, belgo italian, creative, open minded and full of interest for Art, Advertising & Fashion.

What I learned this past week (linked to my project) :

Art has the power to bring creative energy and cultural depth to brands.
In this world, all forms of art CO EXIST we could say.

What artists do that really gives value is surprise. They capture the imagination, they make you feel something.
If the brand is confident to go enough on that ride, the results can be extraordinary.