Intervention 5.0 “The creative process”

This intervention was the most important one.
I went to see the process and finalize this collaboration between Deborah Lyons & Yulia Iosilzon.

I went to the Royale College of Art, at Battersea, in Yulia’s studio.
As my question is : How can the process of creative management develop a platform that combines artistic and brand identity ?
We wanted to add an artistic touch to the brand DL.

From A1 and A2 simple posters we went to masterpieces.
Yulia asked me to describe the brand in a few words, and then she let her imagination flow.

For the 1st poster : It was a rock n’roll stylish woman, waiting for her tube. With oil painting, she created a curtain made with a mix of colors, as the picture is very dark it brings some light and a unique originality to the poster.

For the 2nd poster : Yulia used some different sort of chalks, the model on the poster is sitting on a yellow sofa and it’s a very classic picture.
She made a very colorful world out of this, she added a vase next to the model ; where colors come out of it. From classic to a modern piece.

For the 3rd poster : She used again oil painting but with less colors this time. The model is in the center of the poster with a black leather dress. She made some sorts of flowers with red color (I find that red suits this image very nicely) and with pink hands that want to catch the model. From simplicity to originality.

In this context, Yulia integrated in her creative process an aesthetic of emotion, forms already invented belonging to a collective memory to create empathy of the viewer. This posters are a nice result between Fashion and Art, consumers nowadays are looking for unique and intimate experiences, which art makes possible through the enrichment of the imaginary and symbolic brands.

By linking fashion to the art world ”you jazz it up, you provide spectacle” says Lisa Koenigsberg, the director of programs in the arts at the New York University. ”And when it comes to that dazzling spectacle, who doesn’t want to be included?”


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