Evolution of question(/project)

Since the beginning of this MA, my questions were always about :

–> What is memorable for people ?
–> How can we create a powerful mix between art and fashion ?
–> How can fashion become even more artsy than it is ?
–> How can you break the codes of advertising by mixing fashion and art ?
–> How can we make memorable advertising by creating an original world with fashion and art combined ?
–> How can creative management be the main asset for reinventing and producing more imaginative work in advertising ?
–> How art could help to manage creative thinking in advertising agencies in order to create memorable brand experiences ?
–> Can contemporary art help advertising to get more positive reflections and a better experience for consumers ?
–> How can we aid upcoming artists in gaining exposure by creating a platform that connects them with brands ?

–> How can the process of creative management develop a platform that combines artistic and brand identity ?

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