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My Learnings from this result;

“Beauty will save the world,” said Fyodor Dostojevski, an illustrious Russian writer, in “The Idiot” (1868). Theologian, Serge Bulgakov, will add: “Art is an instrument”.

This connection was efficient because both parties benefit from this relationship. Art is a creator of meaning and, as a result, it gives brands a symbolic dimension.
Like with this example/intervention from Valentina Arno and Diana d’Orville.

Sometimes a vector of creativity, sometimes a tool of differentiation or an instrument of fusion, art is certainly, which makes it best, in our time, to endow the brands with additional originality. Why ? Quite simply, because art makes it possible to create a universe centered around the product, to make forget the commercial universe in which the brands evolve, by attributing to them an unquestionable singularity.

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