Art with Lee Bul

Today I went to see an art exhibition in Hayward Gallery.
The artist is Lee bul, and her attraction lies in her ability to bring together diverse themes, at once traditional, contemporary, provocative and timeless.
I got very inspired by this exhibition and especially about this art work Via Negativa II

Via Negativa II :
French philosopher Jacques Lacan once posited the idea that a paramount phase in human development involves the constant confrontation between the self and one’s own reflection. Known simply as the mirror stage, the symbolic experience finds its rooted in the creation of the self and in the formation of the ego; in the mirror, we are at once divided into self-conscious creatures, autonomous beings, and passive observers.
It is in this dialectic that Lee Bul finds the inspiration for Via Negativa II.

For Via Negativa II, Bul crafted an elaborate, immersive amalgamation of mirrors and metals at Lehmann Maupin which forces the viewer into direct conflict with her or his own perspectives, and echoes both the promises and fallibilities of technology. Perfect and imperfect, at once whole and fragmented, Bul hijacks the zeitgeist to create a sculptural commentary on technologies that are at once as objective as they are subjectively experienced.

Summer 2018

During this study period, with the tutorials, but also with a lot of reflexion…

Our project can CHANGE.
I think that change is very important, because since the beginning of this course we are in different little projects, that define our journey.
Of course our sectors help us in the direction of our ideas but having a project that :
-Has to make a change in the society
-Is linked to what we like and are passionate about
-To get people involved into it
-To make it REAL

Can make us reflect day and day if we are on the right path.
BrandTist would be something I’m motivated about and personally, even with downs sometimes, I love the ups of it.