Why link art & advertising ?

The relationship between art and advertising has often been a complicated and tense affair.

Art is a medium of expression. More than one artist has described painting as a way of speaking, language without the words. Many works of art present a new perspective, sometimes making sharp insights about society.
Advertising is also a visual means of conveying a message, though it is much more specific. The only message advertising really tries to get across is: “Buy this product!” Advertisements attempt to persuade the viewer to action, one that is solely centered on commerce.
We may be inclined to think art and advertising are opposed to each other, that they stand for completely different things. While this may be true at times, their relationship is much more complicated than that. Art and advertising draw from each other in ways we may not always recognize.

Art may not always be advertising and advertising never truly art, but the lines between the two are often blurred with neither needing to be mutually exclusive. Both artists and advertisers are people interested in culture and the world they live in – reflecting these experiences in their creations.


The beginning of something new

Claudia, belgo italian, creative, open minded and full of interest for Art, Advertising & Fashion.

What I learned this past week (linked to my project) :

Art has the power to bring creative energy and cultural depth to brands.
In this world, all forms of art CO EXIST we could say.

What artists do that really gives value is surprise. They capture the imagination, they make you feel something.
If the brand is confident to go enough on that ride, the results can be extraordinary.